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Patricio Towing & Junk Car Removal is your number one choice for junk car removal and cash for cars. 

If you're near New Bedford, MA we got you covered. Short on cash, but have a junk car in your driveway? Bring it to us and get cash to pay off your emergency expenses. 

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Do you have an old or junk car that you would like to dispose of? Would you like to get some cash in exchange for the vehicle? Have you tried to search for a company that provides junk car removal or cash for cars services? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, you don’t need to be worried. This is because I can help you get rid of your old or disused car and earn some money from it. I run Patricio Towing & Junk Car Removal, a company that provides a wide range of services including junk car removal, vehicle towing, junkyard cleanup, and cash for cars services to name but a few.

I have invested a lot in making my company the best for customers who need any of the services that have been mentioned above. For example, I usually employ competent people who have not only been adequately trained in their line of work but also have significant experience. My company also values training and hence, my employees always undergo continuous training to sharpen their skills in different areas of service provision.


Additionally, I have invested in modern tow trucks as well as flatbed trucks to take care of vehicle towing needs. My company also has specialized equipment for removing junk cars and other types of junk metal. In fact, I can say that my company has all the equipment that you would need to remove a junk or old car from your home or office yard. More importantly, I have established links with junk car buyers to make it easy for my clients to get some cash for their old cars. 

Patricio Towing & Junk Car Removal is based in New Bedford, MA and serves all the nearby areas including Sandwich and Taunton. Therefore, if you are in New Bedford or nearby and you need to get rid of your old car, please contact me.





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